About us

We are a company with the experience that 69 years of working with forest products provide. The company was founded in 1950 and has been a pioneer and leader in the industrialization of forest products in the Mexican southeast. Since then, we have taken care of the environment, all our wood comes from sustainable forests and has a logging permit from SEMARNAT. In addition, we make an integral use of the forest extracting the tips and branches minimizing with this the risk of forest fires. At the sawmill, we make the most of the waste and transform it into canes for broomsticks, cages for fruits and vegetables, and little sticks for candy bars and corn cobs.

Looking to always give the best product to our customers, we dry the wood (controlled and artificially) to reduce distortions and that works when we build our cabins and houses.

To ensure durability, we impregnate the wood with high vacuum pressure, which guarantees that it will be free of rot, and insects such as termites, moths, termites, etc.

We have machinery and infrastructure to handle tourist, government or developer projects of the magnitude that is required.

Eco cabins is your best option to build your rest cabin, your hotel, tourism project or whatever you need. We have a team of architects that will develop your project in a personalized way.

Let us build the project of your dreams!