Because it is ecological: it is made from the only construction material that is 100% renewable, which comes from sustainable forests. With this we contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Because it is healthier: wood filters the air and eliminates harmful gases. It regulates humidity and benefits people with rheumatic diseases. It does not allow the powder to be embedded, which is beneficial for allergic-type diseases. The absorption facilitates rest in a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

Because it is cooler than concrete: the insulation of wood is 10 times more efficient than concrete.

Because the rapid construction: the models of a bedroom are built in 15 days. In tourism projects, it allows a much faster return on investment!

Because its durability is guaranteed: for 40 years in writing but its useful life is 3 generations.

Because they are hurricanes resistant: Eco cabins have been tested against hurricanes category 5.

Because it generates energy savings: being cooler, the air conditioning can be at a higher temperature and can be turned off at night while keeping the cool temperature inside.

Because they are more fire-safe: the wood has fire retardant, in a sinister, a robust wooden structure retains its load capacity, while steel, quickly reaches the collapse of the structure.

Because they are more secure against earthquakes: the total mass of a wooden house is much lower than the mass of a traditional construction and the greater the mass, the greater are the effects caused in an earthquake case.

Any more reasons? Do not wait any longer and buy your Eco cabin!