Frequently asked questions

No, on the other side, one of the attributes of wood is the thermal insulation, which is why they are fresh, it´s the ideal construction material for tropical and hot zones, as well as for cold zones.

No, the impregnation treatment to the high pressure vacuum that we use in our wood guarantees for 40 years that the wood will not be susceptible to rot, insects or bacteria. (link to video)

Yes, our homes have been tested against hurricanes category 5 (link to the menu), this is due to the type of foundation, design and construction system exclusive of Eco cabins.

Because they are made with the only 100 percent renewable construction material. Because pollutants are not emitted and very little energy is consumed in the transformation of wood. Because no toxic residues are left in the construction site. Because being a light material does not damage the mangroves. Because the foundation with palafites is the one that generates less environmental impact on beaches.

All the wood has a retardant treatment to fire, so it does not burn, if there were fire, what happens is that the surface is carbonized, but sanding it recovers its appearance. In addition our wood is solid and does not allow air chambers where there is oxygen, which generates a chimney effect.

Yes, it has a certain durability but, since it is not impregnated, it ends up being prey to the fungus that generates the rot.

As every construction, it requires exterior maintenance due to the effects of sun and rain.

We are not the owners of the land and we do not have the faculties to reforest, SEMARNAT is the only institution authorized to do that, which is carried out with the resource provided by the legally established industry, such as Eco cabins.

50% to the change of land use, 40% clandestine use and 10% to forest fires.

Indeed, it is another of the benefits of our construction system.