In the 69 years of existence of our company, we have had very valuable collaborators that have allowed us to grow as a company exporting wood abroad, adding value to the wood by impregnating it, making the most of the surplus production to transform it into new products, build cabins with hurricane resistant designs, give a treatment to the wood that allows us to guarantee its durability for 40 years and to offer our appreciable clients comfortable, thermal, healthy, and ecological homes and cabins.

Thanks to the above, organizations worldwide and nationally have placed their trust in us to carry out construction projects, such as the United Nations Organization (UN), the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), the Governments of the states of Yucatán, Chiapas and Campeche, the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), as well as various tourism entrepreneurs to carry out hotel and ecotourism projects in different states of the south, center, and north of the Mexican republic

Our clients